Fix or Repair Your Furnace in Chicago

Your Chicago Heating System – Fix or Replace?

chicago heating systemWhen your furnace stops working, do you fix it or replace it with a new Chicago heating system?

The answer is going to depend on a number of things particular to your furnace, your family’s heating and cooling needs and your budget.  It’s not something you will normally decide on with getting some professional advice from someone you trust, like Furnace Repair Chicago.  But still, it’s important for you to be aware of the right questions to be asking  before making the final heating system fix or repair decision.

Is it worth fixing?

How old is the furnace?  Is it breaking down more often?  If you’re having more frequent repair calls maybe it’s time to look at an new installation.  Even though a new furnace can be a bigger investment, because they are more efficient, your heating bills could be significantly lower by installing a new heating system.

A clogged filter or nozzle is a minimal repair, as is relighting a pilot light.  If these problems keep recurring then there could be a more serious and costly repair behind problem. For example, a blower motor could be quite a bit more costly.   Your Furnace Repair Chicago technician will help you figure it out.

Considerations in Finding In between Denver Heating system Repair work and Obtaining a New Heater

The initial and also crucial factor to consider when selecting in between heater repair and Chicago heating system replacement is normally associated with exactly what the price of fixing the heating system will certainly be. Sometimes, fixing the heating system can be really inexpensive. For circumstances, transforming a stopped up filter could help a furnace that had not been blowing adequate air, while relighting a pilot light may help a furnace that doesn’t activate. In various other cases, however, there is something incorrect with a significant and/or much more expensive part of the heater. The blower motor, for circumstances, might be damaged or cracked and also it could be much more pricey to repair.

New furnace installations are much more efficient and will save you money long term with your heating costs.  Just like on your car, there have been significant advances in heating system technology that can provide you with cleaner air to breathe as well as lowering your heating and cooling costs.  Most furnace systems last about 18 years.  If your furnace system were a car, you would have driven the equivalent of to the moon and back many times.  If your furnace system is getting up to that in age, perhaps it is time to look at buying a new heating system.

An example of one of the efficiencies modern furnaces have over older heating systems is a variable speed blower.  With older furnaces, the blower is either on at full speed or off.  A variable speed blower can use considerably less electricity and also help you regulate the temperature in your home more accurately.

Another example is using the blower without the furnace heater being on to distribute the temperature more evenly throughout the house.  Thermostats only understand what the temperature is right at the thermostat, not at the outer walls or areas of the house farther from the thermostat.

Making an Educated Decision

These were just 2 examples of efficiencies of upgrading your furnace.  In addition, sometimes there are tax credits offered for upgrading your furnace system.  In many cases, a very reasonable financing plan is available so that you can upgrade your heating and air conditioning system for a more manageable monthly cost.

If your furnace is old and energy inefficient and you can manage the cost, then a new furnace installation may be best.  On the other hand, if your heating system is in fairly good shape, then repair is the best option for you.  In either case, call Furnace Repair Chicago at (312) 471-9433 and we’ll look after your best interests.